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Lock-in Amplifier/Preamplifier LI5660

  • Frequency range : 0.5 Hz to 11 MHz
  • Voltage measurement : 10 nV to 10 V*F.S.
  • Current measurement 10 fA to 1 μA F.S.
  • Minimum time constant : 1 μs
  • Dynamic reserve 100 dB or more
  • Analog output update rate : up to approximately 1.5 M samples/s
  • Dual Frequency Simultaneous measurement - Two sets of dual phase sensitive detectors enable two frequency components included in a single input signal to be measured simultaneously.
  • Fractional Harmonic measurement - Mesurements at submultiple frequencies of the fundamental wave (1 to 63)
  • External 10 MHz synchronous input - Can be synchronized with the reference frequency of other devices by using an external reference frequency.
  • Measurement parameters: X, Y, R, θ, DC, Noise
  • Interfaces: USB, GPIB, LAN
  • Thin 2U size (88 mm)

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