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AC Power Source-ES Series

  • Single-phase 2 kVA to 20 kVA, Three-phase 6 kVA to 60 kVA. Single-/Three-phase switchable*.
  • AC output voltage: 0 to 150 V/0 to 300 V, Frequency: 5 Hz to 1100 Hz,
  • DC output voltage: 0 to + 203 V/0 to + 406 V
  • Component style allows expansion after being introduced.
  • Cabinet style is compact and requires small installation space.
  • Voltage dips, voltage variations, simultaneous sweeping of frequency and voltage.
  • Equipped with measurement function, protective circuit, remote sensing, and AGC function. External input available and peak current of 3.5 times of maximum rms value can be supplied.
  • Software (Immunity Test Software ES0406D*) that performs low frequency immunity test of IEC standard is available.
  • Performs power source harmonic measurement and various simulations. Furthermore, it can be used as CVCF for anechoic chamber or production line.

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